Fume Infinity Cotton Candy Peach Berry Ice disposable vape pod

Fume Infinity cotton candy is a unique brand that has gained the attention of many. The cotton candy is made with the highest quality ingredients and can be found in different flavors. Some of these flavors include Strawberry, Blueberry Lemonade, and Peach Berry Ice.

Blueberry CC

If you’re looking for a vape that offers the fruity flavors you love, you should try Fume Infinity. It features a variety of flavor options including Blueberry Mint.

The Blueberry Mint flavor is a great blend of fresh blueberries and a crisp mint finish. This flavor is also available in other versions. For example, you can get the Pina Colada flavor, which mixes coconut with pineapple.

Another popular flavor is Banana Ice. This vape features a cool and refreshing banana flavor.

Another great flavor is Fume Infinity’s Pineapple Fume Unlimited. This is a great all day vape with a lot of Hawaiian pineapple taste.

Also, you can’t go wrong with Fume’s Strawberry Mango Fume Infinity. This fruity vape combines ripe strawberry with mango for a delicious, smooth finish.

Blueberry Lemonade

Blueberry Lemonade by Fume Infinity is a beverage-inspired e-juice with a fresh and sweet blueberry flavor. Aside from its sugary flavor, the juice also features a pleasant citrus taste.

This delicious vape is one of the most popular Fume products among adult vapers. With a smooth and creamy base, this sweet e-liquid has an intense flavor.

There are other great flavors, too. Purple Rain and Black Ice both have a nice blend of berries. These are the top two.

Fume Infinity’s Rainbow Candy is another sweet treat. It features a variety of fruity flavors coated in a chewy candy shell.

There’s something for everyone with this disposable device.

Pina Colada

Fume Infinity Cotton Candy is one of the best selling vapes on the market. It is a funky blend of pineapple and coconut. The icing on the cake is the menthol kick that replicates crushed ice in a real pina colada.

One of the most interesting uses for the fume infinity is its Blueberry CC, which uses sweet cotton candy and blueberries. This blend is a tasty and unusual combination.

If you’re on the hunt for a new vape, consider picking up the Fume Infinity Disposable Vape Pen. You’ll get a 1500mAh battery and 12ml of e-liquid, which should last you for a few days. With express shipping, your order should arrive in a matter of days.

Peach Berry Ice

Fume Infinity Peach Berry Ice disposable vape pod is perfect for those who love a peach taste. It contains a healthy dose of icy mint and ripe peaches for an intense peach and berry flavor.

This disposable device is made from sturdy materials and delivers consistent vapor production. It comes with a 1500mAh non-rechargeable battery. The battery can last up to a week for occasional use. You will also receive 12ml of e-liquid with the purchase.

Fume Infinity has a unique design. Instead of buttons, you pull the rubber cap off of the mouthpiece. When you inhale, the device automatically activates.

Fume Infinity’s flavors are authentic and subtle. They’re packed with 12ml of delicious flavors.

Purple Rain

The Fume Infinity Purple Rain disposable vape is a perfect match for berry enthusiasts. It has a tart blueberry and raspberry flavor with a cool throat kick.

While this flavor is one of the most popular among adult vapers, it is not the only great one that Fume has to offer. There are other tasty flavors that will please the fruit-loving shopper.

Fume Infinity Tropical Fruit is another great choice. This delicious blend of sweet and sour fruits will leave you craving for more.

Purple Rain is also a mouthwatering treat. Fume Infinity has a new technology that allows them to create a fusion of tart raspberry and sweet blueberry. Their selection of this unique combination was done with user preferences in mind.


Fume Infinity is a disposable vape that offers a wide variety of flavors. They come in a wide range of fruit, tropical fruit and even mint flavors. This e-cigarette is a great option for those who want to enjoy the benefits of a disposable vape without having to worry about cleaning or maintenance.

The latest flavor in the Fume Infinity lineup is Cotton Candy. This vape has the perfect balance of sweet and tart. It is a flavor that will keep you coming back for more.

Another delicious flavor from the Fume line is Black Ice. This vape features a delicious blend of blackberries and black cherries. Featuring a nice amount of sweetness, it is a good choice for colder weather.